Wonnovation Company is a fictitious company created by LogixPath, LLC. It is used as a sample LogixPath customer company.

Our users use this fictitious company site to learn LogixPath Business Operations Management software capabilities.

To learn more about LogixPath software, welcome to visit https://lpom.logixpath.com

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Office Supplies
2019 Summer Edition Pencil holder Glowing PLA Gift Pack
Price: $72.45 (1 set)
3D ABS Printed Pencil Holder (10 pieces)
Price: $350.00 (10 piece)
Home Goods
Classic Chess Set With Case
Price: $85.99 (1 set)
10 Pack Plant Pots
Price: $85.00 (10 piece)

Contact Information:
Email: support@wonnovation.com
Phone: 1-510-580-6771
Website: http://www.wonnovation.com
Primary Address: 2570 North First Street
2nd Floor
LogixPath, LLC
San Jose, California 95131
United States