10 Pack Plant Pots
Starting Price: $85.00 (10 piece) ( $8.50 / piece )
Payment Term: CWO: Cash/Payment with order
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Product: Plant Pot    (PartNum: PlantPot)
Product Configuration:
#1 Color
If you order multiple items, you can mix your color choices. Please specify your color requirements in the "Special Instruction" field.
#2 Pot diameter
The plant pot diameter can be in the range of 6-10 inch. If you have special requirement, please contact us.
#3 Included scoop count
1 tbsp scoop.
25c per scoop.
 scoop (integer value)
#4 Packaging
Between Standard box and Gift box, select one of them.
Standard product box
Elegant gift box $0.80
Daisy Flower Seeds
Sun Flower Seeds $0.35
#5 Special instruction
Special instruction to the plant pot designer or 3D printing engineer.
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